Jahresrück- und ausblick

Jahresrück- und ausblick

Orgelbau Schulte wishes you a Happy New Year 2018 - it is time for our review and outlook!


Spotlight on our 3/61 Walker-rebuild for the protestant church of St Crucis in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. We worked on the technical structures, new windchests, actions etc etc. Important milestones were achieved by defining the design and the final stoplist for the organ together with Fr. Hubertus Spill and the organ advisor Fr. Michael Dorfschäfer. A series of high class recitals is already scheduled and fixed. More englisch organ projects are casting shadows: in June 2017 we dismantled the 3/30 Jardine organ of Altrincham. This organ will be installed in a few years in St Jakobus, Sögel, and it is safely stored in our workshop until the works begin. We also were busy in our very region: we overhauled the instruments in - the protestant church of Schwerte-Ergste - the catholic church of St Michael in Wermelskirchen - the catholic church of St. Mariä Heimsuchung in Marialinden. The latter one was built by Siegfried Schulte in 1999, so this was a special pleasure for us to take care of this instrument. Aside from the actual works the event "Aktion Heimat 2.0", organized by the local Cultural Department was surely a highlight - for four days our homebase Kürten was the center of the local organ world.  Our organ in St Petri, Dortmund, was nominated for the German Design Award. That was a very pleasant moment for us - the courage the parish and we showed were very well rewarded. Furthermore, 2017 was the year of meet&greet. Mostly together with our team we attended... - the annual GDO meeting in Kassel (July) - the workshop "metal corrosion on lead pipes" in Bremen (September) - the workshop "mould in organs" in Erfurt (November)

...to be continued: OUTLOOK The highlight of 2018 without doubt will be the installation of our 3/61 Walker rebuild in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. We are all looking forward to that! In 2018 we will also overhaul the Klais organ in Euskirchen-Kleinbüllesheim. This historic instrument, built in 1889 (op.9), was restored by us in 2003 and still a milestone of our company in terms of restoration. Two more overhaul / rebuild jobs in our region are already awarded to us, still to be signed - we will publish those as the ink is dry. ;) A couple of highly interesting inquiries and invitations to tender in Germany and abroad make us look ahead in a very very positive way. We are very thankful for this. So - let's go to work!



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