Oliver Schulte

Sonja Füßmann


(Foto available soon)

Florian Kittke

Peter Schleifenheimer

Andrea Passera

Siegfried Schulte


With our young core team, we have achieved a high level of motivation and commitment.

Next to OBM Oliver Schulte (concept creation, construction & design, smaller and medium-sized intonational work), who is also active in the production process in addition to his business functions, technical competence is provided by the experienced organ builder with pipe making experience, Sonja Füßmann (restoration of metal pipes, carpentry work, actions) as well as company founder OBM Siegfried Schulte with his over 50 years of experience in organ-building. The team is completed by an office assistant who works half days.

Furthermore, we can draw back on a pool of over 12 people – from the assistant to the trained organ builder to the specialised voicer.

In the future, we will also focus on project-related collaboration with various voicers, particularly in areas where there is more intonation work. This gives us the advantage of engaging a specialist in their respective fields for every project.

Lean structure, transparent organisation, strengthening as required. As a variation of the well-known saying with the big and small, and the slow and fast fish, let us assume that: it is not he who has his mouth open the widest who takes the best bite, but rather he who has the sharpest teeth.