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Building organs today


Zur schmerzhaften Mutter

III/24 / 1997
St. Josef

III/41 / 1992
St. Barbara

II/26 / 2003
St. Theodor

II/26 / 2001


We can fall back on over 30-years wealth of experience in organ-building. Despite the drastically reduced number of new organs being built in Germany, we can not only continue to actively use this know-how but can continue to build on it thanks to our reconstruction process of Anglo-American instruments, some even with a large newly built section.

Schulte organs are organs of today, far from ideological transfiguration/blindness. We are open-minded; willing to learn from the century-old tradition of organ-building and to adapt what has been learned to the present day. Furthermore, we have an eye for sensible alterations in all areas. Our goal is the maximum possible production depth and thus a high added value.

What we don’t make ourselves (e.g. metal pipes), is manufactured by high-quality German suppliers according to our specifications. For international projects, we also work together with companies in the respective countries (e.g. for restorations of Anglo-American organs).

Schulte organs also speak the language of the rest of the world. The design is made by Oliver Schulte, often in cooperation with architecture firms. There are no constructions from the drawer. Every Schulte organ is one-of-a-kind.

The sound concept is chosen individually, from instrument to instrument. There is no “Schulte” sound. Here too, it is our goal to create individual pieces and we love to model after existing, historical sounds, which again are placed in a modern context.


St. Maurinus

III/19+24 / 1995+1998
  Bergisch-Gladbach - Hebborn
Zum Heilsbrunnen

II/17 / 1996
  Bergisch-Gladbach - Schildgen
Herz Jesu

II/25 / 1991

II/20 / 1994