Orgelbau Schulte was founded in 1978 by master organ builder Siegfried Schulte, who was previously employed for the Cologne organ builder Willi Peter, on an international basis for 25 years.

Shortly thereafter, after the construction of the first larger organ in Dabringhausen-Grunewald, the young company Firma Schulte had already become a serious alternative in the then flourishing organ-building industry.



In the ensuing years, Orgelbau Schulte experienced continuous growth. In 1986, the company moved to a larger workshop. In these rooms, a number of instruments have been created, among others, the opus maximum of the company (Köln-Porz, St. Josef catholic church, 3 manuals / 43 stops).



In 1997, Oliver Schulte began his apprenticeship in his father’s business. It was also in this year that the new company workshop was built in Kürten-Herweg. Despite the very noticeable budgetary measures of the churches, Orgelbau Schulte acquired more reference objects such as, e.g. the restoration of one of the first organs at the Johannes Klais company in Bonn from 1889, which is highly praised in expert circles.


Since the beginning of 2006, Oliver Schulte has been the owner of the company, and since acquiring his title of Master Organ Builder (although is would not have been obligatory in Germany anymore) and becoming a graduate of Business Administration through the Chamber of Crafts (HWK), he has prepared himself for a future on both a technical as well as on an entrepreneurial level.

With the English romantic organ in Bonn-Limperich in 2007, a project had succeeded that not only defined the new focus of the company, but rather also made the name Schulte a topic of discussion in one swoop throughout the country.
This trend was consolidated with the restoration of the historical 1869 American Steere & Turner organ for the community of “St. Maternus” in Köln-Rodenkirchen. The restoration was also the topic of the lecture given by Oliver Schulte at the September 2011 organ symposium in Berlin to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Hook organ from 1880.


Much had changed in a few short years. What had not changed however was the high level of quality, the search for solutions to old problems and the friendly and honest relationship with customers. Furthermore, in recent years, an international network has developed including England, Ireland and the USA, not least due to the active presence in social media.

In order to also exist in the future, concepts and solutions must be found for the problems of the communities. In concrete terms, this means above all the further expansion of our concept in order to present communities with a cost-effective solution that is quite comparable to a new organ on an artistic and technical level, using instruments from the Anglo-American region. Due to the fluctuating market, regional boundaries also have to be overcome in the process.

It is in dark times that lucid moments shine even brighter.
And it is our goal to achieve these moments!
Oliver Schulte